Thursday, March 15, 2018

The speed of worthlessness

Finding the soul and humanity in other people is what makes the experience of sharing powerful. There's a reason why we associate eyes with the soul. There's so much in the simplicity of the eyes. It's one of the most difficult things to do when I'm drawing.

Detecting complexities, especially in simplicity, has always been essential to my soul. This doesn't mean that I'm always successful.
I miss things all the time, but it's no reason to feel like a failure. To me communication and exchange of ideas is not about fear. When people are afraid or in pain they are more likely to believe in mindless positivity or negativity. Things that lack complexity provide artificial gratification while concealing a real sickness.

The sense of worthlessness and nullity spreads in the blink of an eye. Depression, anxiety and self-pity distort and erase humanity. Things don't register and you feel completely alone. Small, miserable demons become the end of the world. You're trying too hard and you can't access the depth of experience. The power you lost becomes visible when you can empathically remember who you are.

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