Wednesday, May 22, 2019

7th album progress

Vengeful Semblance: Vengeful Semblance
Writing finished, one song recorded and mixed.

Coming soon.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Vengeful Semblance artwork

Vengeful Semblance: Vengeful Semblance

This is the artwork for my new album. Experimental black metal.

I'm mainly a keyboardist and a classical composer. I've been listening to black metal since I was 12 (in 1997). I grew up listening to classical, folk, soundtracks and metal.

I made this album because I couldn't find it. The compositions are vital. I also wanted to make a black metal album about mental illness without being puerile.

Artwork by Rinta-Perälä.

Out in 2019.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Currently working on my seventh album

My next album will be my first experimental black metal release.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Tuttavia - Acquaintances

Wax crayon / wax on paper. Rinta-Perälä, 2019

My background and style

My old pencil drawing from 1999. I was 14.

My background

Drawing and music come from my father's side. I always heard stories about skills and I grew up looking at one of my father's paintings. It was an impressive oil painting of a sunset at sea. Everyone talked about skills but they never talked about ideas and never had the patience to develop a taste. It's why they lost interest at an early stage and now I'm the only artist in my family.

Drawing and music are like breathing. They are simply things I keep doing. I consider myself lucky. Between the ages of 11 and 28 I was good at drawing but only had ideas for music. When I was in my twenties I finally started seriously exploring my favourite art movements and artists. I was already familiar with Hugo Simberg and Edvard Munch. Symbolism, expressionism and surrealism became my artistic essence. Finally I started having my own ideas for drawing.
I was going to be the guy who actually does these things and goes from one idea to the next.


I developed my technique and made my first wax drawing ("Häiväusko - Whisper Faith") in early 2014. This technique is not something you would teach. It is experimental and quite  unpredictable. What I love about black-and-white surreal expressionism is the shapes, energy, emotions, unconscious ideas and experimentation.

I'm not doing these things because of some style. When I have an idea or when I walk into an art gallery, I have two main questions: Where's the strong image? and Does it feel interesting? My drawings are my children.

Rinta-Perälä answers some questions
Why did you become an artist and a composer?
Where do you get your ideas?
Why do you love art?