Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A man from out of space
Said, 'I'm from a superior race.
You're all inferior
While I am superior.'
Then he tripped and fell flat on his face.

- Spike Milligan, 101 Limericks

I wished to suggest by means of a simple nude, a certain long-lost barbaric luxury.

- Paul Gauguin

Perhaps it will soon dawn on the most alert of the teen-activists that moving only among the poetry of one's own generation, one's own ideology, one's own brand of modernism, one's own country and continent, is the worst kind of philistinism. The authentic poetry of the people has more to tell about Africa, Latin America, south-east Asia than any slogan or programme which western and eastern propaganda organisations echo from the developing countries back to Europe.

- Matti Kuusi, World Poetry 1974

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finnish music picks, folk and classical

Songs that move me a great deal.

Martti Pokela
-- Riekko hangella (Willow Grouse on a Snowdrift)
-- Seitakivi (Seita Stone)
-- Unna ulla nunnu
from "Keskiyön auringon lauluja" (Songs of the Midnight Sun) SFLP 8500, 1969. Based on Lapponian melodies.
-- Muut ne kuuli kirkonkellot (Others Heard the Church Bells)
-- Itkevä tyttö (Weeping Girl)
-- Talapakan Nikolai
from "Kantele of Finland", SLP 531, 1965. Traditional Finnish.

Martti Pokela, Matti Kontio, Eeva-Leena Sariola
-- Kalevalainen sävelmä (Kalevala Melody)
from "Kantele", FACD 018, 1990.

Martti Pokela ja Eeva-Leena Sariola
-- Vanha pelimanni (Old Musician)
from "Kanteleet", LJLP 1027, 1983.
-- Piru kellotapulissa (Devil in the Belfry)

Teppo Repo
-- Omasta päästä, "kävelykeppi" (Improvisation, "walking stick" flute)
-- Paimensäveliä, truba (Shepherd's Tunes, truba trumpet)
from "Paimensoittaja Teppo Repo" (Herdsman's Music from Ingria), KICD 7, 1994

Konsta Jylhä
-- Vaiennut viulu (Silent Violin)

Jean Sibelius
-- Andante festivo (at a festive walking pace)
-- Tuonelan joutsen (The Swan of Tuonela [underworld])
-- Sydämeni laulu (The Song of My Heart)