Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I don't want to disappear inside my own head

The purpose of my writings is to defend art and creative energy. I try to do this as openly and genuinely as I can. I'm not a writer.

Creative work is associated with a therapeutic quality. In my experience it is therapeutic only if I don't think of it as something external. This therapeutic quality is an ingredient like playfulness, feeling, fantasy, madness and intellect. These ingredients are useless without curiosity and effort. I don't sit around worrying and wishing.

If you start with anxiety you will end up with anxiety. It can replace your reality. Obsessive behaviour won't make it go away no matter how much you try. You need to get out of your head. I associate creative work strongly with physical effort and intuitive energy.

I am here right now doing things I love. This belongs to me. Yes, this is imaginative, challenging and surprising, but what I do is as real as my right hand.

Real reactions to my works are always interesting. My works are my children but they ultimately exist in this world. My existence and world view are largely about saving the best things I know. My drawings and compositions are the best things I have ever done, but I have never claimed that I create masterpieces. Anyone can say that about their own work. Ask other people.

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