Friday, May 4, 2018

Unconsciously connected

An innocent straight arrow between Sin and Apple in 2016. 
What a harrowing coincidence.

"The way of our living is the blood pumping through our veins, the ability to sense and to feel and to know, and the intellect doesn't really help you very much there. You should get on with the business of living."

"All the great novels, the reason you go to read them is not the plot, it's for the philosophical asides, to find out who Ernest Hemingway is or who Steinbeck is or who Faulkner is..."

Ray Bradbury, Day at Night (interview program 1973-1974)

My drawings mainly express unconsciously connected things and emotions. Whatever makes the image or idea interesting to me has to be in the special DNA of the work itself. Details and references won't save the image. If I show my subconscious something intriguing it will give me in return something even more intriguing. I have to be active, emotional and patient.

I admire irreverent artists who have more fun with all kinds of ideas and who don't take things for granted (religious language or imagery, for example). I appreciate works that have a miraculous quality and aren't just satisfying on the surface.

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