Thursday, May 17, 2018

People like quotations, right?

"It's not the job of the artist to be rich, it's the job of the artist to look at what's going on and to be truthful. [...] I could go on all evening about what I think of the modern Brit artists who don't know anatomy and can't stretch their own canvases, can't build their own sculptures, can't draw even the most simple pictures and have no ideas whatsoever."

Melinda Gebbie, Nottingham Contemporary 2012

"Very few films anymore deal with what's happening. They've lost touch with reality. To me, there's been a dumbing down of the culture. You're all getting spun out, we're getting spun. We believe all this shit like it's the truth. Where can you go to get the truth now? It's hard to find it in your own life because we've all been so brainwashed by this junk that fills the airwaves and fills the movie screens. [...] Technically, cinema has become a place where everything is possible, but in fact there's very little truth to be found."

William Friedkin, Fade In Magazine 2012

"You can't do this stuff halfheartedly. You either give your guts to it and your balls to it and your heart to it and your soul to it or you don't do it at all. Why bother? You have to give everything to art, otherwise it's not going to be worth a damn, it's not going to linger, it's not going to be there after you're gone."

Clive Barker, The Man Behind the Myth

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