Saturday, May 12, 2018

Room for art. Everywhere

What am I trying to say with my drawings and compositions?

Well, let's start with this one:
You're not just hanging around with your buddies and scratching your nuts. This is something else.

I have to be able to say this without feeling like a complete outcast. There has to be room for something else. Something challenging or subtle that gets overlooked in today's fearful atmosphere.

Art is discovery. You can never take it for granted. Having room for art is like letting your inner world breathe and speak.

I always want more than I can achieve. I don't want to be stale and complacent. My experiments continue. I've been drawing and painting my whole life, I've written hundreds of notes and taken 6000 photographs. Most important of all, I've been collecting experiences.

The hunger for powerful and suggestive images and ideas will be here as long as we are here.

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