Monday, April 30, 2018

Dimensions of darkness and beauty

"Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters:
united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels."
Francisco Goya

"What terrified me will terrify others; and I need only describe the specter which had haunted my midnight pillow."
Mary Shelley

"The waking dream is a kind of problem-solving, it is the way that you address the problem of why am I here? who am I? - all those big, big questions."
Clive Barker, Dreams vs. Nightmares

My drawings are not ugly. No matter what they are about or look like, my intention is to create strong, emotionally complex images. I'm not here just to shock or intimidate.

I've always been attracted to darker works and stranger moods. There are things we don't usually talk about because they're hard to explain. We can feel these things and explore these feelings through suggestive simplicity and mysterious beauty.

Most of my favourite songs and works can be described with words like dark, strange and beautiful. The beauty is in the understanding. I'm attempting to understand these feelings. I don't just give up.

I'm talking about the joy of ideas. Ideas that take you by surprise.
I don't have to ask myself "Wait, am I the right person to have these ideas?"

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