Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rinta-Perälä attempts to sing Mystery Train backwards

Do you know any last words of your relatives?
The last words of my paternal grandmother were "put your cock away, Your Sultanic Highness."

You really are a big wanker, aren't you?
I have intellectual wanks. You take a book, let's say, by Maya Angelou, open it and place it comfortably around your fur-clad freedom fighter.

What does your name even mean?
Rinta means chest or front, Perä means rear or back. Perälä is my home village. It's a real bender of a name. My first name, Tero, is the same as Terry from Terence or Terentius.

Any plans for the future?
Even juster browsing. Some riss-daddle now and then. Not too much nib gibbling.

Who will win World War III?

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