Monday, July 17, 2017

Tuntureilla - On the Fells (New album)

Electronic classical.
Music, production and image by Rinta-Perälä.

Strong folk moods from the first album "Rinta-Perälä" (2012) combined with haunting, dreamlike melodies and experimental sounds.

piano, pipe organ, strings, voice, choir and kantele (Finnish national instrument)

8 tracks, 32 minutes.

Tuntureilla is my fifth album.

My previous albums:

Rinta-Perälä (2012) 10 tracks

Häiväusko (Whisper Faith, 2014-2015) 10 tracks

Utukorva (Mist Ear, 2014-2016) 10 tracks

Pyhitetty ikkuna (Hallowed Window, 2016) 8 tracks

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