Thursday, March 2, 2017

Suffocating surface noise

My drawings are not dreams, random nonsense or deranged products of madness. I'm playing with ideas and shapes. Black and white draws attention to shapes and it is filled with possibilities. I'm also trying to surprise myself with these ideas.

Despite all the useful information surrounding us it is still easy to assume the worst or the least. The least amount of effort. "People are lazy and don't care much about creative ideas." We are all lazy sometimes, but I don't think ideas are just for artists.

There is a road of discoveries and anyone can go on that road. You will develop some kind of taste if you care about these things. It doesn't have to be too narrow. You have to surrender to your own excitement. Throw yourself in there and see what happens. To me this road of discoveries is a reason to live, but I still have to keep reminding myself.

There is so much suffocating surface noise. Outside and inside. Every now and then something will break through. A strong, interesting feeling that is hard to explain. It is often hard to explain the hunger that artists possess, but feelings are universal. You have to create something that will last. A moment, a mood, an image. You get it just right... but you can't explain it.

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