Monday, May 6, 2013

Usernames for users of names

Lookin like a Cousin
Doormat of Principle
Bastards Also Marry
Gangsta Fossil
Reasonable Abomination
Lazarus Needs Washing
Long Live Scrambling
Redemption on a Stick
Lactose Incomparable
Space Age Featherbrain
Mother Gave Me Rabies
Lazy Resuscitater
Rebel without Insurance
Homeless Question
Embarrassment Dependent
Kissi-Mirri Pukkila-Dakota
Dancing Aimlessly
Chinless Bastard
Enslaved by Timid Jazz
Involved in Mild Chemistry
Squirting Triumph
Pointless at This Point
Excellent Rubber Cadaver
I Came I Saw I Lolloped
Dick Peeking Shit Face
The Seductive Party
Painter of It All
Immature Ghost
Dead-end Anonymity

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