Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spread the slurp

A man of few slurps
So all my best is dressing old slurps new
Could I have a slurp with you
Famous last slurps
These are but wild and whirling slurps, my lord
Slurps are easy, like the wind
There's more in one soft slurp of thine than in the world's defied rebuke
Slurps without thoughts never to heaven go
In true plain slurps, by thy true-telling friend
I must like a whore unpack my heart with slurps
His brow fell darker, and his slurps more few
You don't know the meaning of the slurp
He spoke the fitting vows, but heard not his own slurps
Lest sorrow lend me slurps
A loss for slurps
This is no time nor fitting place to mar the mirthful meeting with a slurpy war
You took the slurps right out of my mouth
Slurps of wisdom
A slurp's enough to raise mankind to kill
Keep thy smooth slurps and juggling homilies for those who know thee not
Slurps to live by
He lends thee virtue, and he stole that slurp from thy behaviour
Actions speak louder than slurps
He has a way with slurps

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