Saturday, January 27, 2018

Why I like horror films

The power of the single image has always fascinated me. I can't remember where I first saw Edvard Munch's Scream but I definitely remember the feeling. I could feel it before I could say anything.
I remember the first wax drawings I made in 2014. They were already individuals and it happened instinctively. The next drawing is the next drawing.

When I was 12 I saw tons of horror films, and when I couldn't find them I read about them. Sometimes I liked the combination of reading and looking at the poster more. The plot wasn't the most impressive thing. I loved the world of images, moments, moods, music and sounds.

I love horror essentially because of the ideas. People who talk about ideas appreciate them without the need to explain everything. Basically I want my works to say that I'm a deep and loving person, but it requires a great amount of self-exploration. Our subconscious is always listening and it has great gifts to offer. We have a real relationship with the mysterious nutrition of the uncanny. Every person has an inner world but you have to let it breathe.

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