Monday, September 18, 2017

Dark, strange and beautiful

It's what I hear in most of my favourite songs - The Swan of Tuonela, Gnossienne, Strange Fruit, Oraison, Fire Walk with Me. You're trying to understand those strange feelings and that's beautiful.

Complexity deserves respect. Enchanting artists need time and space.

I've always been good at drawing but finding my own voice took 15 years. I wasn't even drawing during that time. I only had ideas for music and then one day in 2014 a new wax drawing and new feelings suddenly came out of me. I had become more experienced as a person after studying many things that had nothing to do with drawing. Developing this new technique and using wax crayons was just one part of it.

My love of things that are hard to explain deepened. I felt the strength and the force. I wasn't afraid of being different anymore after years of confusion, guilt and excuses.

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