Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sensitive Verse

"How to Catch a Flying Fuck" by Emperor Erroneous Cliche

"Everything Collapsed and a Baby Laughed" by The Day Care Quitters

"O Stomach Mucus" by Earl Nettlebladder

"I Knew I Shouldn't Have Breastfed You" by Nancy of Soissons

"Come Hither, Death, Drink Piss, Destiny" by Lord Pepperfist

"Why I'm Such a Twisted Little Dildo" by Henrik Vaselinnäs

"I've Got You by the Face" by Marienne de Rambouvine, La Shadow de Former Self

"Half-baked Bananas Walked Down My Chimney" by Custodian Byron

"Mother Smear, Father Crap" by Delia Bumseam

"I Needed to Feel That" by Dick Parrot

"Sounder Reasons to Scorch Your Nostrils" by Alvin Calvin Curler

"Distance Yourself from the Future for Two Seconds" by Pim-tir-rapa-noo

"Megalomaniacal Commands of a Bored Masturbator" by Doctor Chichi

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