Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Great God Pan - Xélucha

The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen, Xélucha by M. P. Shiel
Illustrated by Austin Osman Spare. Creation Books 2012

"You are - you are Xélucha!" I shrieked; "voices now of thunder howl it within my consciousness - and by the holy God, Xélucha, though you blight me with the breath of the hell you are, I shall clasp you, living or damned -"

I rushed toward her. The word "Madman!" hissed as by the tongues of ten thousand serpents through the chamber, I heard; a belch of pestilent corruption puffed poisonous upon the putrid air; for a moment to my wildered eyes there seemed to rear itself, swelling high to the roof, a formless tower of ragged cloud, and before my projected arms had closed upon the very emptiness of insanity, I was tossed by the operation of some Behemoth potency far-circling backward to the utmost circumference of the oval, where, my head colliding, I fell, shocked, into insensibility.

M. P. Shiel: Xélucha

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